Can I submit feature request?

Booking Pop
Genice Williams

Yes! We love hearing from our customers.

Submission Process

When adding a feature request, please be sure to explain your request in detail. Add as much context as you can so that we can understand your request well. We’ll try our best to respond to every feature request via email. Once a decision has been made on a request, we will inform you of the status of the requests as planned, in progress, implemented, deferred, or not taken. But please do not let this discourage you from sharing feedback with us. Every piece of information we get is helpful so our team can prioritize what features to implement. Thanks for supporting us and helping us build the right features in Booking Pop.

How to Submit Request

  1. Log in to your Booking Pop account and click “Feature Request” in the left side panel.
  2. Feature Request Tab
  3. Be sure to click submit when you are done.
  4. Feature Request Form