Create a Call Now Button

Booking Pop
Genice Williams

Display a Call Now button on any page and increase your conversion rate.

Convincing more visitors to respond to your call to action (CTA) and calling you if they have any questions or concerns will help reduce customers from leaving your website without booking.

To start showing the Booking Pop Call Now button on your website, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Booking Pop account and click “Notifications” in the left side panel
  2. Notifications Tab
  3. Select “Create New Notification”
  4. Select “Call Now”
  5. Select if you want to show the button in one Exact Page, a page that Contains a certain phrase, or All Pages, then select Next
  6. Notifications Setup
  7. In the next screen, you can select the exact message, phone number, location, and colors of the button you want to create
  8. Call Now Notifications Setup
  9. Create a name for the notifications campaign and select Launch
  10. Congratulations! Your Call Now button should now be displayed in your website

Other notifications you can create:

  1. Book Now button
  2. Visitor Counter
  3. Promotions widget